Add flair and elegance to to those bland courier fonts with ParmaTypewriter. No Bodoni's latest typeface is Opentype Pro with broad Latin support. Available at MyFonts.com.

Crowbird Pro

Need an aggressive font with big assertive serifs? Crowbird is that font, complete with a spectrum of Latin characters for various languages. Check it out at MyFonts.com.

Tinman Pro

No Bodoni Typography announces the release of its first OpenType font family: TinmanPro. Tinman is a humanist sans face based on Frederick Goudy’s University of California Oldstyle. It is available for purchase at MyFonts.com. Click the banner to see a sampling

ITC Oldrichium Pro

ITC Oldrichium

ITC has just released a Pro Opentype version of No Bodoni's Oldrichium typeface with support for mulitple Latin languages.

ParmaTypewriter Pro Family

Crowbird Pro



Coming Soon.
The No Bodoni catalog is being upgraded to OpenType Pro fonts with multiple Latin support. Most should be available as OT fonts by the end of the year. Cyrillic and Greek characters for all fonts are currently in development as well and will be released at a later date. If you have already purchased No Bodoni fonts through MyFonts.com you will be able to get a free upgrade to the OT Pro versions. Sorry, but we can't offer that for ITC Oldrichium since we don't technically own it anymore.